2nd Opinion with Dr. Drake


9:15 am…almost here…Today, Teddy and I will be going to get a 2nd opinion on a lump on his lower back.  It was discovered 20 days ago, a few days after he was attacked by a large unleashed, neighbors dog and it was presumed to be trauma related.  His Doctor drained it, the fluid (cells) were looked at under a microscope and deemed to be non cancerous but has once again filled back up, much to his Doctor's dismay.  His original Doctor called me last Friday morning asking me to make an appointment to have it surgically removed, putting Teddy under and reccomended having his teeth cleaned as well since he was being put under.  I advised her that Teddy had his teeth cleaned, in their office, January 2013, without anesthesia.  We will make a decision after today's 2nd opinion.  

Thank you Parlance and Penny, in Australia, for your blog, we are following Penny's path to recovery as she has just gone through this only 4 days earlier…Penny's turned out to be a lipoma, which Parlance, her #1 human, along with the advice of her Doctor, decided to have it removed from her belly.  Happily, Penny is doing fine and will be running through Darbin Parklands in lo time!